Enter the world of ‘clairyfairy’ and her colourful fabric design ideas for fashion and interiors.

Fabric designs, vintage crochet clothing, cushions and blankets, all created by a flamboyant entrepreneurial fabric designer.

The Outer Hebrides provided so much inspiration but her unique collections of fabric designs provide an insight into the colours of cultures from around the globe. In the last 3 months she has moved on and further north to the verdant green pastures of the East Mainland, Orkney. There are 17 inhabited islands out of an archipelago of 70 all with their unique ecology and historical past.

Become a colour lover with Claire Colours Me and keep up to date with the exciting seasonal fashions and her travels around the UK.  You will never look at colours in the same way again.

Preview my Roostery Designs – to order contact Claire at sales@clairecolours.me.uk